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Just finished the Scuola Italiana Pizzaioli certification course, and I highly recommend to any serious pizza maker. They flew in Scuola Master Instructor,  Fabio Sebastiani from Italy, and I learned so much from him. The academy’s staff from Anthony, Dan, Chuck, Shawn, and many others (most who are also certified pizzaiolos) brought a wealth of knowledge and were dedicated to providing a educational/fun/and positive experience to us students. Not to mention, the facility is TOP NOTCH! Can’t thank the team enough for assisting me to make my craft and restaurant, West by God CoalFired Pizza, a success.

Ben Boggess

Had a fun night learning to make a Chicago Tavern Style pizza. This is a hands on class. We made our own dough and sauce. Then we rolled it out and watched it bake. They provided salad and dessert too! We went home with the dough we made and extra sauce so we could make another pizza at home. Fun class in a world class facility. Highly recommend you try it for date night or with a group.

Irene Panos

I literally love this place! I made home made dough and it was the best experience ever! I also got to make my own pizza in the back with the big ovens! I literally am in love. I recommend you come here with friends or family and just have the time of your life!

Victoria McMahon

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