The 5-Day Scoula Italiana Pizzaiolo Course

Students of our 5-day Pizzaiolo Certification Course are taught theory and practical hands-on learning each day, according to the guidelines and curriculum of the Scuola Italiana Pizzaioli, in Italy.

Classes begin each morning at 9 a.m. and finish at 5 p.m.
The Certification Course Includes:

●  Learning the history of Italian pizza
●  Chemistry of Italian doughs
●  Proper dough stretching
●  Preparation of traditional ingredient
●  Baking techniques
●  Training on all ovens and mixers
This certification is unique to pizza. It shows employers and your industry peers that you’re qualified and that you take your career seriously. Past participants have sought out this certification to secure jobs, advance their careers and add stability to their long-term employment prospects.

The 5 day certification is scheduled 6 times per year.

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Day 1

Theory:​ Intro to grains and flour

Practical:​ Introduction to pizza equipment needed for pizza production, calculating water temperature, dough mixing and handling

Day 2

Theory:​ Dough chemistry, recipe for Classic Italian Pizza, and introduction to yeast

Practical:​ Dough mixing, dividing and handling; dough stretching, topping and baking

Day 3

Theory:​ Written examination of theory covered in first two days, dough maturation, water properties and salt

Practical:​ Focused training on wood, gas, and electric ovens, direct and indirect dough preparation using various types of mixers, dough stretching, topping and baking

Day 4

Theory:​ Alternate grains and mixing dough with various types of flour, malt and fats

Practical:​ Direct and indirect dough preparation using various types of mixers, dough stretching, topping and baking

Day 5

Theory:​ Review and discussion, final exam

Practical:​ Dough stretching, topping and baking, comparing the organoleptic qualities of various doughs

Running lunch service – hand stretching doughs and running ovens starting at 12pm.

Presentation of Certificates

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